Hatred of Ferrets

Session 10

Spring 1004


  • Sarff Llofrudd
  • Garret Hawke

The characters are freshly made and they set off to the adventuring guild in the city of Leuris to find a job. There they met the tengu warlock Reyna who offered them several rumors. They decided to make an attack on the maze of a werewolf mage that was locked away by his opponents some time ago. They traveled the two days to find the waterfall behind which the maze sprawled. There they fought several unintelligent monsters and found a tribe of orcs libing in the maze who were not hostile. They were led to the chamber of the werewolf by some of his melting-man servants, and after defeating him found that he was in fact a dire wolfwere and not a werewolf at all. They killed the pathetic creature and took his stash of treasure. However angry that the rumors provided by the adventuring guild were untrue they refused to pay their hiring fee and were expelled.

Session 9

Fall and Winter 1003
Spring 1004


  • Aberguile son Baristing, phanaton machinist
  • Theo Phrastus, cactacae martial artist

The party headed off to find the source of the golem’s heart they acquired in the last dungeon. They ended up at the castle of a powerful spellsword who offered to teach Aberguile golem-making and Theo the art of griffon-riding. However a complication arose: the spellsword is dedicated to the principles of Law and requires that Aberguile give up his cursed necromancer’s dagger before any training can be conducted. Aberguile refused however, being hopelessly warped by the power of the dagger.

Aberguile went back to the city to work the necromancer’s trade; he ended up building a small army of zombies which he used to attack the spellsword’s castle. The spellsword’s catapaults and crossbowmen took good care of the undead however and Aberguile barely escaped with his life.

The players decided to retire these characters and create two new ones for the next adventure.

Session 8

Summer 1003


  • Aberguile Son Baristing, phanaton machinist
  • Theo Phrastus, cactacae martial artist

The party decided to visit a noble’s office to apply for a waiver for the service tests to become a noble. They successfully do so and gain the rank of baron in the magisterial bureaucracy.

They decided to invade a ruined temple for a museum curator who was looking for artifacts. They were attacked by axebeaks on the way there and Aberguile returned to the city to repair his automaton. They saw a tunnel leading under the temple.

Inside they fought a group of five fire spiders and met some mutants. Theo accidentally set off a lever killing many of the mutants after making friends with them, leading to a prolonged battle in which most of the remaining mutants were killed and the rest run off.

The party then found and killed an hook hulker which was terrorizing the mutants, turning the remaining ones back in their favor. They then returned to the city to spend their winnings.

Session 7

Fall 1002, Winter and Spring 1003

The adventure commenced in the lair of the serpent cult. The party made swift work of the serpent men, over a dozen assassins, and finally the cult leader. They made off with a pile of treasure, including some magic arrows.

The party decided to solve some more city problems before returning to a dungeon. Aberguile negotiated a solution to a problem between goblin workers and city guards in the docks, and Theo protected a local priest from a sadistic cult in the slums.

The party then decided to deal with the wereboar problem affecting the thieves’ guild. They met the leader of the Grand Guild who offered some payment in return for slaying the boars. They got a line to the wereboars’ hideout and snuck in, assassinated some guards, then killed all the wereboars including their demon boar leader, though Aberguile was killed in the skirmish. Theo had a cleric resurrect Aberguile and they went back to get the boars’ treasure, including a ring of invisibility which Theo claimed for himself.

The winter was spent leveling up and telling stories. Come spring the party decided to delve into the dungeon once more. They talked their way past a group of mushroom-men and added

They defeated a pair of three-headed dragons (hellions) on the 4th level, and found some great treasure. Then they met the mushroom-man king who was grateful for their service in defeating the hellions. They found a secret door in the treasure room of the mushroom people, at inside found a pack of gyre (lion-headed demon worshipers) who had stolen the mushroom treasure. They slew the gyre and kept the treasure for themselves.

They descended deeper and found a statue of a goddess and some wells piping wind into the dungeon. Exploring the level further they fought some eloko (giant-mouthed goblins) and Theo was swallowed whole, though he punched his way out of his opponent in a fountain of gore. The party decided to return to the surface for now, heavy-laden with treasure and nursing their wounds.

Session 6

Winter, Spring, and Summer 1002

The party decided to do some city adventuring. First they investigated the threat of riots which were rumored to occur during the procession of the Unified Church of the Ascended. They tracked the source of the trouble to a warehouse in the dock district, where some rebels against the Church had stored a great number of bombs. They exploded the bombs and defeated the evil cleric who led the terrorist group and collected a small bounty from the city for stopping the attack.

Then they helped a tengu who was having his life-force drained by a strange spirit each night. They watched out for the spirit in the tengu’s house one night and fought off a shadow. The next day they had an allied mage trace the eldritch signal to a disgraced magic student who was known to fool with illithid technology. They went to his secret storehouse in the guild district and defeated him, collecting some of his treasure and using a potion of longevity to restore some of the tengu’s youth.

The party then decided to put some work into the dungeon outside the city. There they delved and found some crypts full of treasure, and eventually some ghouls. They fought off the ghouls, though the phanaton was paralyzed and his automaton destroyed. Then they were blinded by a trap in a sarcophagus and had to fight off two waves of undead while unable to see. Luckily they were successful.

The party returned to the city with their treasure. They then decided to take up more city adventures, taking on two missions, both to find wayward daughters: one supposedly kidnapped by a guard, the other the victim of “The Serpent.” The first was easy to solve: merely a case of young love and attempted fraud, though the party returned the daughter to her parents without helping her in her dastardly plan. The second involved suddenly meeting the victim naked in the park, wiped of memories. The party had a cleric restore the young woman’s memories, and found that she had indeed been kidnapped by an assassin snake-cult.

The session ended with the party invading the lair of the cult and slaying some snake-men, to be continued next time.

Session 5

Fall 1001

The players decided to set their new adventure in the Lawful country of Iomecia, in the city of Aulkos. They heard about a dungeon opening up nearby, a religious conflict about to boil over, and a criminal sabotaging buildings and killing people in the slums.

First they investigated the dungeon. They came upon some mushroom-men pushing a dead giant meat snail into a cavern (basically a big hole in the ground). They first parlayed with and then later slayed those mushroom-men and their wild boar pets. They also found a crypt where they fought a group of skeletons. They decided to turn back at this point.

After this followed a series of events in which the party began investigating the killings in the slums, which turned out to be committed by a member of the thieves guild who had been turned into a wereboar. Za’zi snuck into the slums and actually managed to slay the wereboar and two thieves singlehandedly, but unfortunately was carted off by a guard into jail while the authorities investigated his claims. There Za’zi was assaulted by two corrupt guards who were also wereboars, but he managed to escape after retrieving his weapons. He went and found Aberguile, and they decided to hunt down the two wereboars guards who attacked Za’zi and massacred the town guard.

They tracked the beasts to the city gardens after being sent there by a traumatized woman who witnessed the creatures’ rampage, but Za’zi, who fought bravely, was killed in the battle with the second wereboar and several 2nd level thieves. Aberguile was also infected by porcothropy, but managed to survive the belladonna dose he took to cure the disease.

Aberguile then recruited a cactacae martial artist, Theo, who wanted to aid him in defeating the wereboar menace. They decided however to return to the dungeon in order to become more powerful before facing the boars, and avoid the thieves’ quarter in the meantime.

They returned to the dungeon and specifically to the area with the skeletons, where they opened a door and encountered an abuhuwah with a dagger buried in its chest:


They also found a secret door which led to a cave below the dungeon where they fought several quil and a cadaver, which regenerated until they attacked it with silver weapons. The cadaver was covered in expensive jewelry, which was the new party’s first big break since starting their adventures. They pressed further downward and fought a group of 5 zombies before returning to town. On their way they quickly dispatched another cadaver and made it back unscathed.

Theo found that his dagger was a necromancer’s dagger which raises temporary undead defenders when it kills opponents. Both party members ascended to level 2 after spending their treasure.

Session 4

Summer 1001

Syrinx and Araxxa’Khan were still in the bright cave below Thracia. They decided to try to help the captured dryad to the west. They headed in that direction and killed a group of gnolls, lizardmen, and a single minotaur on top of a ziggurat on the way. They found a well with a blue glow similar to the teleport pad; Syrinx jumped in and found himself on the first floor. He made his way back to the 3rd floor and explained the workings of the well to A. who then followed him down the well and back to town, as they were both injured from the fight.

They later returned and fought their way to the captured dryad and her giant lizard companion, who explained that the dryad’s tree was slowly dying because of some harpies who were draining its energy. She also said the minotaur king has had his eye on the tree for its wood value. The adventurers decided to help the dryad by killing the harpies. They attacked but both were knocked unconscious, and woke up to the giant lizard scaring off the harpies and rescuing them. On their second attempt the giant lizard joined them and they dispatched the harpies in short order.

The dryad heals them and they make their way to the minotaur king’s palace. There they ambush and slay a hydra in the courtyard, and find a statue of Zeus and a secret door near it. Unfortunately beyond the door was a trio of female minotaurs and their calves; an attempt at intimidation failed and the minotaurs go berserk in defense of their calves, killing and eating the party and adding their treasure to the minotaur king’s hoard.

New characters are rolled up quickly and the session ended with some domain play. The players decided to continue using the domain rules for the town of Mazodal in separate play from their new 1st level adventurers. The town, having gained workers for its fertile fields, decided to try to establish a troop of samurai warriors but could not get the funds together. This ended the session.

Session 3

Fall and Winter 1000, Spring 1001

The session started with the characters deciding to attack the slime temple in the northeast. Unfortunately attacks by werelions and other creatures necessitated a retreat; on the return journey Theodore was abducted by a pack of storm drakes. The storm drakes took Theodore to a cave 9 days away from his location wherein he was drained of life force (aged) a great deal by a necromancer, Kleatre. Syrinx hired mercenaries and a dwarven thief (Sean Blondery) from a small settlement near the storm drake attack to rescue Theodore. Many of them were slaughtered by a salamander gang on the way, but the desiccated mage was eventually rescued.

Theodore decided to retire to the group’s adventurer’s guild as a wise elder rather than continue his career at an advanced age. In his place Syrinx recruited Araxxa’khan, a diopsid inquisitor. The two decided to explore the ruins of Thracia some more. They went into the main entrance which was still unexplored, and ended up fighting many gnolls, and in fact teleporting themselves to the 3rd floor, where they avoided more gnolls and talked to a dryad, who pointed them toward more treasure in the “Minotaur King’s” lair on the opposite side of the large glowing cavern in which they found themselves. She also pointed out a huge tree which was attached to a captured dryad who needed help as well.

Session 2

Spring and Summer 1000

The session opened with the party, accompanied by a number of mercenaries (mostly archers) and a newly bought giant lizard, attacking and defeating the Kruk raiders. They acquired a great deal of treasure from this assault including an intelligent sword which Theodore now wields. As a result of their victory they were welcomed as heroes by the locals of Mazodal and became de facto rulers of the town. They decided to build a guildhall there and use it as a base of operations.

They then decided to brave the caverns of Thracea again. Going back into the trapdoor they found previously they discovered a throne room which paralyzed Syrinx and sent an ochre jelly to attack Theodore. Then they found a secret door which released two wights and their skeleton retinue. Another secret door led to treasure and a pair of doppelgangers disguised as gnoll priests, one of whom Syrinx charmed and who then helped the party fight off a band of wandering gnolls.

Inside a door behind the throne room the party became trapped as water began to rush in. They found a secret exit but barely were able to climb into it and were then assaulted by Thanatos worshipers above them. After slaying the cultists they were then attacked by more gnolls. They escaped with their lives intact and decided to flee the dungeon.

They went back to the city to recuperate and heard about a den of giant raccoons who were waylaying travelers in the hills. They went there and defeated the band of 13 weird animals and took their shiny treasure.

Session 1

Spring 1000
Characters -

  • Fool (deceased), dwarf thief
  • Theodore, kobold mage
  • Syrinx, tengu dancer
  • Henchmen – 5 dead

The party began in Leuris, when they found out about a collector of ancient Thracian artifacts named Ambram who would pay a high price for anything recovered from the ruined city. They hired 4 henchmen and made their way to explore the forest around the ruins. At night they were attacked by a fire drake and one henchman was killed. They returned to the city but on their way they found an encampment of goblins, managed to convince the goblin leader that they themselves are goblins, and stole from him. They heard about some ogres in distant hills and decided to move on to the dungeon.

They found a small ruined building which had an inscription in Dwarven that explained the location of a secret entrance into the dungeon. They found the building so described which was surrounded by tribesman. Fool conversed by hand signals with the tribesman who spoke an ancient unfamiliar language. They entered the secret door and find a rope bridge leading into a series of tunnels. Giant bats flew out of the depths of a large hole below the rope bridge but didn’t attack as Fool scouted. He saw a fighting-man in full plate ahead, so the party decided to cross another rope bridge leading off to the east.

There, down a hallway, they found a group of fighting-men worshipping a statue of Thanatos. As they entered combat with them a group of gnolls entered the cave as well; the adventurers cut the rope bridge and killed all the gnolls. They then slew all the worshippers and stole the eyes of the statue; for this Theodore was cursed.

Going back to cross the pit where the rope bridge had been, they fired an arrow with rope attached across the ravine and tried to climb across. They were beset by another fighting-man in full plate. Only Fool had crossed the bridge at this point and Theodore was halfway across the rope. Fool shouted for the henchmen to pull on the rope as he cut it and swung across with Theodore, hitting the side of the ravine and then climbing up. They traded arrows with the Thanatos worshipper on the other side and came out victorious. Then they returned to the room of worship and found an illusionary dryad which they all believed in begging for help from behind a set of iron bars. They conversed with the dryad until a group of tribesmen came up the stairs behind her and walked right through her, ending the illusion. They then broke the rusty iron bars, let the tribesmen through, and went down the stairs.

Downstairs they found a large open cavern with a river running through it, and a large gnome guarding a bridge across. The gnome traded them absurd amounts of gold for some of their food, and they are attacked by stirges as they wander the beach. They stayed in the gnome’s hut and were refreshed, though with bad manners Fool steals a large gem from the gnome’s treasure chest as they left. Across the bridge they found a length of marble hallway which was inlaid with glowing skulls. Down the hallway they found a sphinx bathed in golden light who demanded 100 gold in exchange for passage; they paid but found a secret door behind the sphinx which they entered and through which they found a large lion-headed statue and in another room a bunch of treasure in a room with shifted gravity. After trying to pry a large gem off the statue they were attacked by it. Another henchman died from its crushing blows but the rest escaped with their lives.

Returning to the sphinx room they paid more gold to have it answer questions for them. They found out about another secret door in the hallway and entered it. There they found a room with skeletons in the walls and two gargoyle statues. Here they found another secret door which led to a strange room with a guarding knight who demanded single combat. Fool agreed and attacked the knight and was victorious. The room contained a set of stairs which led outside the dungeon. From there they returned to the city.

In the city they counted and spent their spoils, banking most of it. Then they decided to head out to meet the group of ogres they had heard about earlier. They found the ogres unresponsive and mostly just annoyed at their presence. They decided to head out to a distant town to deal with Kruk raiders who had been killing off travelers and merchants for some time. They got lost several times but eventually found the town, losing another henchman and Fool himself to giant rhagodessas, necessitating a return to town to recruit Syrinx the tengu dancer to the party. They faced more hardships on the way back to the Kruk-beset village but arrived nonetheless and prepared to assault the kruks by hiring mercenaries and purchasing equipment.


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