Hex: 11.12

Aulkos is the largest city in Iomecia, and in fact the largest city on the continent. Its population is 102,317. It is the home of Queen Juanez (16th level human fighter) and the location of her Crystal Palace. Magic and technology are more readily available and reliable in Iomecia than in the borderlands, and many streets in Aulkos are lined with magical streetlights.

Besides Juanez, the highest level characters in Aulkos are the heads of the Unified Church of the Ascended and the Grand Thieves Guild (see Organizations) as well as Memdu (9th level mage), a sage and head of the wizard’s college located in the city.

As of Fall 1001 the thieves quarter of Aulkos has been infiltrated by a clan of wereboars. A conflict between the Unified Church of the Ascended and those who oppose the organized religion is about to boil over as a large festival approaches. Also, a dungeon complex has been discovered in the plains outside the city.

The plains dungeon is partially a crypt of former servants of a thief-god, Adaxlo, god of fear and desire. A tapestry dedicated to the god was found on the 1st level of the dungeon.

Mungo – Za’zi’s thieves guild contact
Jackson Whittlemore – elderly machinist who pays protection money to the thieves’ guild



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