The Pentad
1 Araen, Singing Hierarch of Dreams. She sings the dreams and unconscious desires of intelligent beings.

2 Moyat, Fourfold Knower of Nightmares. She produces the four types of fear and the knowledge of nightmares.

3 Milsii, Mother-Poet of Secrets. She creates and grants secret knowledge to poets, priests, and scholars.

4 Jorumae, Creator and Breeder of Sorrow. She creates matter endlessly and so creates pain and sorrow.

5 Aditin, Destroyer and Whisperer of Stars. She burns herself to produce light for the world.

The Pentad are the five deities who came to be soon after the creation of the World.

They are a family. They are worshiped as a unit, one never favored over another.

There are no clerics of, say, Araen or Moyat; only clerics of the Pentad.

Some everyday people are not even aware of the basic nature of the Pentad as anything but what shut-in monks study in other places.

Pentad clerics who are not strict about their study and meditation often are in danger of falling victim to a cult.

The Ascended
There are also hundreds of unaffiliated Ascended, mortal heroes who became deities after the World was created.

These are worshipped individually by dedicated priests who are less scholarly and grim than Pentad clerics.

Priests of Ascended are generally Worldly, involved in communities, while Pentad clerics are generally cloistered monks.

Everyday people worship local Ascended at home shrines while local priests instruct them and tell fortunes, etc.

Individual Ascended In the Campaign
Adaxlo – god of thieves, fear, and desire


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