Dwarves, Gnomes, and Kobolds

Dwarves are a magical race created by illithid experiments. They reproduce through animation of a “son,” a stone statue given life through ritual and force of will. All dwarves appear male to humans, though they are genderless. Dwarves have no gods, though they fought bravely in the First Rebellion. Dwarven clerics usually worship the Pentad, though this is a foreign concept to most of their people. Accidents in the animation process of dwarven sons leads either to gnomes or, worst of all, kobolds. Dwarven magic is generally based on a system of runes, and they generally eschew the magical schools of other races (dwarven mages are mechanically the same as any others however). Dwarven bards are known for chanting over war-drums, a tradition by which dwarven legends are passed down.

Gnomes are beings accidentally created when the animation of a dwarven son goes awry. They are generally happy with their lot in life however, having a philosophical outlook on their “accidental” nature and living a life of either adventurous wandering or quietly in hill-burrows raising giant badgers or trading crops. Gnomes have innate connections to magic, unlike their dwarven cousins, and can speak to animals freely.

Kobolds are the mutant beings created by a mistake in the magical process of dwarf reproduction. They have stony skin and faces resembling dogs’. They worship a god named Kurtulmak, and it is unknown if he was a real hero during the First Rebellion or was invented by their belief. They speak a simple language which is known for having few words with many meanings. They generally get along poorly with dwarves and gnomes, but some of them are adventurers who earn the respect of their cousin races.

Dwarves, gnomes, and kobolds here are based partially on the races from the Dwimmermount adventure and campaign setting.

Dwarves, Gnomes, and Kobolds

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