Iomecia is a monarchy with a total area of 403,891 sq miles.
177,712 sq miles of this is arable land (44%) and 226,279 sq miles is wilderness (56%).
There is a population density of 80 people per sq mile (similar to ancient Greece).
The total population is 32,311,280.
The total urban population is 513,000 (1.5%).

There are 7 cities and 63 towns in Iomecia, with a great number of smaller villages and hamlets scattered throughout the land.

The country is divided into 7 provinces, with each large city the capital of a province and sharing its name. The main province and capital are both called Aulkos. Aulkos is ruled by Queen Juanez, and her six children are the rulers of each city.

The provinces are managed mostly by a system of “nobles” who act like bureaucrats in ancient China, wherein they must go through a grueling series of tests and examinations before gaining a position in the nobility. Because the tests are expensive and only the wealthy can afford the training, these positions are de facto hereditary, but in theory anyone can gain a position.

Iomecia is a mostly stable region which exists between the Northern Borderlands and the ocean. The Great Wood lies to the northwest, and the Great Marsh is to the east (not appearing on the map).



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