Innovators, councils, barracks, democratic traditions – 2M / 8W / 6S – pop. 6,269

MILITARY – 2 units garrison (1HD, AC 10, 1d6 spear, SV 18, does not move from posted location)
1 unit Expert Merchant (+2)

RESOURCES – Fertile Land, +2W

RUINS – Crumbled Fortress, Ancient Armory: 2W/4M (obstacle: severe damage)

The actual council is made up of 3 elected positions.

The current council members are 6th-lvl F ranger Esen (Lawful), 5th-lvl rich merchant Noble Altan (Lawful), and 6th-lvl F fighter Aviaja (Neutral), all humans.

Others in the town are:

6 5th level characters:
Thief, Halfling, F, Marisa – Chaotic, reckless, caustic – leader of local thieves guild, can act as a fence
Fighter, Human, F, Lark – Neutral, large ears, eccentric, transparent – Trainer of local militia
Noble, Human, M, Altan – Lawful, bitter, prudish – rich merchant and council member (see above)
Fighter, Human, M, Matthia – Lawful, melodramatic, dull – leader of local guard
Fighter, Human, M, Gotama – Neutral, shy, shallow – guardsman and organizer for Altan’s merchants
Fighter, Gnome, M, Valdemar – Neutral, treacherous, conservative – enforcer for local thieves guild, with Marisa

17 4th level characters
2 fighters, subcaptain of the guard (halfling and gnome)
2 paladins (half-giant and orc)
3 rangers (goblin, dwarf, and gnome)
3 thieves (vanara, elf, and human)
3 bards (2 humans and a halfling)
2 clerics, both work at the local Temple of the Ancestors (halfling and human)
2 fighters, work for Gotama (goblin and gnome)

42 3rd level characters
125 2nd level characters
313 1st level characters
503 total classed characters; 5,766 0-level characters.

There are 42 guardsmen in the town who keep watch.
1 5th-level captain, Matthia (see above)
2 4th-level subcaptains
4 3rd-level lieutenants
8 2nd-level sergeants
12 1st-level trained guards
15 0-level civilian guards

Max. members = 100
3+6+2 members, +1d6 per season

Berry, Halfling thief 5
Theodore, old kobold mage 4, retired adventurer

Zakhar, Dwarf cleric 4
Solvi, Half-giant thief 4

Moema, Goblin bard 1
Annelie, Elf fighter 1
Adriana, Dwarf bard 1
Cecilia, Halfling thief 1
Lutfu, Half-giant thief 1
Nestan, Goblin thief 1
Cyrus, Dwarf bard 1

Items kept in the guildhall – scroll of bewitching/windwall

Roll for level and class of each member
Members can be hired as henchmen for no wages (but 15% share of treasure and 1/2 share of experience)


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