Iomecian Military
Gallus, dwarf fighter 14, general
Inguma, human fighter 13, lieutenant general

Church of the Pentad
Maryvonne, Supreme Contemplative, 14th level priestess

Grand Thieves’ Guild
Nehemiah, 14th level halfling Lord of Thieves
The Grand Guild attempts to forcibly unite all thieves’ guilds under the banner of the Lord of Thieves, and destroys or incorporates all minor guilds wherever it holds sway.

Unified Church of the Ascended
Bojana, 13th level human paladin
An organization attempting to unite all worshipers of the Ascended under one umbrella, has some traction in cities but not much otherwise.

Goblinoid Legion
Rin, 13th level Great Shaman
The Goblinoid Legion is a loose organization of goblin and orc tribes that attempts to defend their lands from incursion by Iomecian settlements through legal and extra-legal means.

The Much Honored Academy of Mages
Saturninus, Prime Thaumaturge, 13th level
This is the most popular and powerful mages’ college in Iomecia. It is located several days’ travel from the capital.

Students of the Highest Loremaster
Jeremias, 15th level dwarven bard
This is an organization of students who can trace the lineage of their bardic tradition to the Highest Loremaster, Jeremias, a dwarven skald who has lived for almost 200 years. He runs the organization from his castle.

The Naga Assassin Cult
This cult of snake-people kidnapped Belinda Zeer, the daughter of wealthy merchant Khasan Zeer. Khasan offered the party a large reward for destroying the cult.


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