World Lore

The World emerged from the Void due to causes unknown to any mortal or deity. The Pentad emerged from the World, forces beyond comprehension – endless creation, destruction, knowledge, dreams, fears.

The first intelligent mortal beings, the aboleth, emerged in the seas. They desired slaves and created further sea life. The second intelligent mortal beings, the illithids, emerged under the earth. They desired slaves and created further earth life. The slaves of the sea and earth came together and rebelled, sending the aboleth into the depths and illithids into space. The heroes of the rebellion ascended into godhood and left the world.

The Lich Kings came into power, abusing old aboleth and illithid technology to create the Lich Empire. The Second Rebellion came about, destroying the Lich Empire and leading to the creation of three major nations: Iomecia, ruled by a benevolent Queen, Juanez; the Theocracy of Seidsith, ruled by a human-supremacist High Priest; and the Tyranny of Vuaerk, ruled by the last remaining Lich King, Tirsa.

Between Iomecia and Seidsith is the Great Marsh, a thick bog which makes travel between the two nations difficult. Between Iomecia and Vuaerk is the Northern Borderlands, a site of monsters and ruins infected by the Lich Kings’ sorcerous weapons, as well as the Dead Mountains which surround Vuaerk completely.

The Northern Borderlands are full of dungeons, ruins, and artifacts of Lich King technology. Many adventurers journey into this area to seek fortune. It is dominated by the city state of Leuris.

World Lore

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